Catering, CNA Mauritania's core business


Collective catering, Events, Packed lunch, Snacking

+2 000 000
meals served in 2020

of local products

customer satisfaction with catering

Quality of service and culinary know-how

CNA Mauritania offers catering (3 meals a day), events and take-out (packed lunch) to adapt to the needs of its customers.

CNA Mauritania masters butchery, pastry, bakery and offers menus adapted to the traditions and customs of each resident. Each menu combines culinary know-how, quality of service, food safety in compliance with international standards.

Food safety at the heart of our requirements

CNA Mauritania operates with a food safety management system based on HACCP in order to ensure a standard of excellence for our customers in terms of hygiene, sanitation, while respecting good practices:

  • Daily inspections,
  • Regular bacteriological self-checking of employees' hands in contact with food and surfaces,
  • Weekly analysis of sample dishes, water used in cooking and bottled mineral water received,
  • Kitchen hygiene,
  • Clothing and personal hygiene,
  • Waste management,
  • Temperature control:The respect of the cold chain and the hot connection are prerequisites controlled thanks to new technologies such as Thermopuces,
  • Wearing of regulatory PPE,
  • Establishment of regular training based on food safety via a rigorous tailor-made training program.
  • Pest control. 

Guarantee nutritional balance

With more than 2 million meals served per year, CNA Mauritania plays an essential role and must meet a double requirement: to offer diversified and quality meals while meeting current nutritional requirements.

Through its Health4U program, CNA Mauritania has implemented a color code (red / yellow / green) which informs consumers on the nutritional benefits of each dish. Through collaboration with the clinic at the Tasiast site, CNA Mauritania educates residents and contributes to the nutritional balance of all.

Innovation at the heart of our restaurants

Through itssmart4you program, CNA Mauritania has set up an access control system at the entrance of its restaurants and un a meal tracking system, allowing optimized management of the catering spaces for our customers (identification and control of residents, personalized access rights). 

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