Reduce our waste to promote a sustainable environment




Waste management and reduction

Through multiple initiatives, CNA Mauritania is tackling the environmental footprint problem. Based on the “Reduce-Recycle-Reuse” concept, CNA Mauritania promotes conservation to foster a sustainable environment. Projects include the reduction and separation of waste so that it can be treated in the most environment-friendly way.

CNA Mauritania also severely limits its use of paper, and has resorted to digitalization, notably through the use of electronic tablets for its QHSE checks as well as for digital satisfaction vouchers.

Finally, we run awareness-raising workshops on waste management, intended for our employees during the daily “toolboxes”.

Fight against food waste

With more than 2 million meals provided in 2020, CNA Mauritania educates consumers and its staff about food waste in order to limit waste and give it a second life.

Food waste is weighed daily, at each service, to limit waste. Organic waste are composted.

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