Local economy

Favor local purchases for all our supplies

of deliveries
by local suppliers

Solid partnership
with Grands Moulins de Mauritanie

Local partners

For CNA Mauritania, encouraging the local sector is a necessity. We are committed to maximizing local purchases in the vicinity of the Tasiast mine.

In 2020, 85% of purchases were made with our local suppliers. CNA Mauritania mainly sources local flour from the Grands Moulins de Mauritanie, and most of its meat from Mauritanian livestock (sheep, camel).

CNA Mauritania worked closely with the French Development Agency (AFD) for a rice cultivation project in the south of the country.

Support the local market gardening sector

CNA Mauritania wishes to promote market gardening agricultural production, and to help and support women market gardeners, the majority of whom work on Mauritanian farmland.

Since 2019, CNA Mauritania has been working on a collaborative project with local farmers to supply its site with Mauritanian fruit and vegetables. 

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