Encouraging internal evolution and career enhancement of our employees through training

Daily toolbox

1860 hours
of training in 2020


Training to develop the skills of our employees

A training centre has been developed by CNA Mauritania to create an environment that facilitates the learning of our employees on a wide range of QHSE topics, from food safety to business and environmental risks.  

Our employees are also provided with training on desktop tools.

These training sessions fully participated in the nationalization of positions: department heads can identify future managers, train them, and monitor their skills’ development.

Safety through training

On the Tasiast site, the QHSE department has set up an initiative to create internal safety videos. These videos make it easy for all employees to understand the rules and procedures to follow in the event of an incident on the site. Through the use of training videos and NAPO films to promote health and safety at work, the procedures and risks are explained in an educational manner in order to guarantee a perfect understanding for all our staff and to promote our 0 accident policy.

Daily “toolboxes” are also organized for all employees (reminder of procedures, new regulations, etc.) and annual knowledge validation questionnaires are put in place for certain business lines (e.g. maintenance) to ensure the proper use of objects or machines at risk. In addition, in 2018, CNA Mauritania trained 75 rescuers or 18% of the total workforce. This training, which can be applied not only in the workplace but also outside (city, country) can save lives anywhere anytime.

Training, a tool for local development

Training is one of the main pillars of our plan for local development. Since 2013, CNA Mauritania has implemented a nationalization plan to promote local people for highly qualified jobs formerly held by expatriates. The plan includes intensive training, support, skills transfer and sharing of best practices.

Through training, CNA Mauritania guarantees an evolutive career and is committed to increasing the number of women in the workforce.

Thanks to a collaboration with a local flour producer (Grands Moulins de Mauritanie-GMM), bakery and pastry-making staff were trained in GMM laboratory to improve the quality of our production. With the help of GMM, new recipes have been created, allowing staff to discover new interests and processes. Each year, employee training requests are studied during individual interviews.

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