Other integrated services

Innovative solutions to optimize management on-site
and improve the well-being of residents


Sourcing & logistics, Staff transport, Provision of specialized staff, Access control, IT solutions, Leisure & well-being, Supermarket

and cost control

and security

Motivated workforce
and productivity

Supply & logistics

Our teams ensure total control of the supply chain through our network of trusted local and international partners.

Each supplier meets rigorous criteria and is audited regularly.

Fully attentive to the needs of our customers, CNA Mauritania is able to monitor consumption in real time via digital inventory monitoring, allowing us to anticipate and optimize orders.

Bringing value-added solutions for remote sites

Around our core business, catering, accommodation services, and Facility Management, we have developed innovative solutions to meet our client's expectations in terms of safety, wellbeing, performance, and efficiency.

Smart4you offers smart solutions for remote sites, with one objective: bring turnkey solutions to our clients to support them in the daily management of their site and improve the quality of life for the residents.

Our access control solutions are more broadly part of the building management program.

Leisure & well-being

Because the well-being of our residents is a necessity, CNA Mauritania offers multiple services intended to improve comfort on site, in particular through the management of sports equipment (gym, football and basketball field, sports lessons) and participate to organize tournaments and sporting events.

Infrastructures are adapted to the cultural expectations of our customers (separate gym, mosque).

CNA Mauritania also manages a convenience store service with all the products necessary for daily life.

For our residents, smart4you provides safer living conditions and facilitates access to personal development through e-training.

Our other areas of expertise