Facility Management

CNA Mauritania, single point of contact for the complete management of on-site installations


Maintenance, Water treatment, Pest control

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Full site management

CNA Mauritania offers a wide range of Facility Management services:

  • Maintenance of buldings and equipments,
  • water treatment via UV filtering,
  • waste management,
  • provision of specialized staff,
  • transport,
  • pest control.

These allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Dedicated teams to maintain your installations

Preventive and corrective maintenance, maintenance work, analysis of incident reports, regular inspections:

Our specialized and trained teams provide effective solutions to guarantee the safety and performance of each installation on a daily basis.

Security of facilities and people

Because on-site security is a priority for our customers, we ensure the security of people as well as goods and materials:

  • Implementation of access control systems,
  • IT network management,
  • fire safety…

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