CNA Mauritania, quality accommodation services


Reception, Laundry, Cleanliness of rooms and premises, Concierge

customer satisfaction with the
laundry and cleaning service

customer satisfaction with
the reception service

Full management of accommodation

Our qualified staff manage the reception, housekeeping of the rooms and provide a laundry service for all residents.

CNA Mauritania teams provide equipped, comfortable and safe rooms. A concierge service is also available upon request.

Access to the private and common areas is completely secure thanks to our access control solution.

Cleanliness of the premises

CNA Mauritania takes care of the cleanliness of all common areas on site.

Waste management, collection and destruction are carried out on a permanent basis in compliance with current Mauritanian environmental standards.

CNA Mauritania uses all of its technical expertise to provide hygiene and cleanliness solutions that meet the needs of its customers and their facilities.

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